SAFE Solutions - Smart Home for Beginners: Smart Lock & Access

Smart Home for Beginners: Smart Lock & Access

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March 3, 2020
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March 11, 2020

We know we constantly talk about SMART HOME OPTIONS across our forms of communication.

We throw out suggestions for devices, energy saving ideas, different ways of using them.

But what does it all really mean? Do you ever read our information and think, why would I need that? With that possibility in mind, we want to do a short series of Smart Home for Beginners and give you just a couple of better explanations of how these smart home options can work for you and improve your life.

Today’s Smart Home for Beginners will cover Smart Locks and Access!

What does it really mean to have a Smart Lock? Why would you need something fancy like a front door lock, when the deadbolt on your door does the job for now?

You throw on a deadbolt, a chain – maybe two depending on the neighborhood. But then when you actually want to let people in, it can be a pain.

That’s where Smart Locks change the game!

A Smart Lock makes it easy to give (and revoke) access to your home, without having to compromise your security. You get to ditch the spare keys – that ceramic bunny isn’t fooling anyone – and enjoy extra convenience & awareness instead.

What makes a Smart Lock?

  1. Keyless Entry: most smart locks you find will feature a numerical pad. This lets you set up four-digit codes for any user. You can create unique codes for each family member and trusted visitors(maids, dog sitters, the nanny…)
  2. Remote Locking: smart locks typically come with their own dedicated app, which enables the ability to remotely grant, or deny, access. If someone forgets their code, it’s easy to let them in without even being there. Or if you have a visitor whose home access has been terminated, you can use the app to disable their code.

The great thing with a lock installed by SAFE Solutions, it’s tied into your home’s security system, as will be any other smart devices we add. Meaning instead of multiple apps for each smart device, one app acts as your master control panel. Everything is just a button away under your app!

3. Alerts: Smart Locks should come with the capability to send an alert when users open your door with their code. These alerts are great for keeping tabs on the happenings at home. Did the kids arrive at their normal                  time? Did the dog walker take the pet for a walk when they were suppose to? Did the plumber show up?

Keep complete tabs even while away! Smart products from us are engineered to work for you and improve your life.

Other benefits:

Proactive Reminders & Alerts: Be reminded if the front door was left unlocked in the morning hustle. Then instead of driving back home, it’s just a tap of a button to solve it.

Time-Saving Automation: Tie your front door lock into other connected devices & set rules. Ex. “When I unlock the front door, I want the entry way light to turn on too. Then I can come in with the light on even if my arms are full.” or “When I close the garage door in the mornings, I want the house lights to turn off and the thermostat to go into away mode to save my energy costs.”

Doorbell Integration: if the Smart Lock is installed along side a video doorbell powered by, you can create an entire “front smart door solution” that allows you to visually verify visitors, then choose to let in or send away.

This can be beneficial for moments like trying to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table & playing hostess at the same time.

You mentioned garage options, tell me more!

If you use your garage as a point of entrance regularly, then smart garage access is something to consider!

Be safe guarded against leaving them open with the Smart Garage Door Opener

Just like other doors, you’ll get notifications of any activity involving the garage door and be able to open and close it (also makes for safe package delivery)

Interested in smart access for your home?

SAFE Solutions serves all of DFW & Surrounding areas to get as many homes equipped with the safest & smartest solutions available, as possible.

Schedule to find out how we can solve your day to day issues with one of our great solutions!


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