No Porch Pirates, Just Holiday Cheer!

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October 16, 2019
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October 28, 2019

In the past few years, it has been impossible to go online and not see a story or video talking about packages being stolen off porches. Just in the past few months, the issue has become such a nuisance that the State of Texas created harsher felony charges and punishments to address the growing issue. With online shopping growing tremendously in the years past, it is easy to see how simple it is for them to be taken. 

So what can you do? Track your package and wait at home until the package is dropped off before being able to leave your house? Ask a neighbor to watch for it? Have it be hidden under your doormat? Hope your doorbell camera catches them so you can report and get them identified?

With the growing popularity of doorbell cameras, people are beginning to feel some ease of being able to see when people approach their front door or when a package is left.  The business of package stealing has seen more of the package thieves being identified and caught. 

However, instead of waiting for it to happen and then having to repurchase or recover your package and deal with police reports, wouldn’t it be so much better to prevent it ever happening in the first place? What’s more is the ease can come with the convenience of you not even having to be home!

We are on what feels like the fast track through October, in just a few days Halloween will be here and then before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be on its heels! I have a tendency to start my shopping early due to several nieces and nephews, on top of my own children, to purchase for. Thanks to the ease of shopping online, this also begins the frequent deliveries to my home. Let us help put worries to ease so that this doesn’t have to be a damper on your holiday spirits!

By incorporating your doorbell camera with our Smart Door Locks and access control through the app, you can have a say in where your packages are left for SAFE keeping!

Package delivery can be taken care of in three easy steps!

  1. As the delivery person approaches, you can use the doorbell camera to identify the visitor through the app on your phone. Then use the two way microphone your doorbell is equipped with to greet and instruct the delivery person. 
  2. Once you have confirmed their purpose is to make a delivery, you can use your app to grant them temporary access, under your watchful eye. Have them leave the package inside the garage door or just inside your front door. Instruct them to make sure the door is closed behind them.
  3. Thank them through the speaker, verify they leave, apply the lock and rearm your system!

All from an app and so simple! 

No more waiting around, asking neighbors or missing packages! Let this holiday season be the season of ease and enjoyment! Allow us to help you put smiles on your favorite faces without the worries!