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October 23, 2019
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October 30, 2019

So you booked a “Free Estimate.” Now what? What do you even ask when they get there?

We decided to dedicate today’s blog(and a series of them to come) to helping you come up with the perfect list so that at the end of your estimate:

  1. You can feel confident you chose the right company.
  2. That you know exactly what you will be paying.
  3. If there will be any changes in your billing.
  4. That you have knowingly agreed to any future changes.
  5. What is included in your contract.

 Also know, that we welcome you reaching out to ask us your own questions at any time!

Today’s “Questions to Ask During the Free Consultation” – Will the pricing they are giving me ever change? Can I expect an increase in my bill as time goes?



Times when surprises can be a good thing:

Birthdays, new babies, marriage proposals, raises at work, promotions, or gifts.


Times when surprises are less welcome:

A bill with surprising new charges on it.


You have your system installed, they tell you the price, you sign the line and go about your life paying each month without even realizing how much time is passing. Then all of a sudden a month passes or a year (depending on the length of the agreement you signed, we offer month to month or 12 month, some companies lock in customers for 3 to 5 years), you receive a bill and you quickly realize it has gone up significantly in price! 


The obvious first step, you jump on the phone with the alarm service company, provided they are easy to reach. Only to have them tell you, unfortunately, you signed an agreement that allows them to raise your subscription payment in the amount and time they see fit.


Next step, you pull up your agreement, you don’t see it on the first page, but then you notice 2 pages of tiny print, no human eye can read without a decent amount of effort. You remember it being there when you signed, but you put faith in the sales rep, glanced over it, and added your signature…failing to see “subscription fee subject to change at anytime.”


This leads me to the question:

How much will this cost me each month and how often will it change?


In creating the SAFE Solutions Service Agreement, that each of our alarm clients sign, we took the time to study those of other companies. A very common theme we found… questionable details buried in their fine print. Many stated they could change the amount the client pays at any time. We just didn’t think that was very fair.

Two things we know, first, surprises on bills are never well received. Secondly, feeling taken advantage of is a quick way to lose trust in a company. 


When you sign a service agreement contract with SAFE Solutions, you are locking in that price that we said we are giving you at the time of install(that price is backed by being clearly stated on our website and materials.) The only way that changes is if there are any approved add-ons to your system authorized by you! 

Click here to see our transparent pricing to help as a guide in your search!

We have raised our rates one time in the last 10 years. The existing clients, however, were not affected and continued to pay their “grandfathered” rates. 


At the time of the estimate, any established and honest company should be able to show you a transparent price plan, with what is included, as well as show you the place in a contract that covers any anticipated changes.

Have questions before you sign? Feel free to email us before you do and let us help you understand what you are signing! We just want you to have the perfect agreement for your needs!


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