SAFE Solutions - The Spooky Burglar on Halloween Night!

The Spooky Burglar on Halloween Night!

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October 28, 2019
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November 8, 2019

Twas dark all through the house on Halloween night.

No zombies, ghosts or goblins to be found.

No little trick or treaters to be found awake!

When out front a scary burglar slinked up the sidewalk,

Eyeing the quiet house, thinking of the treats he could find inside.

“I can make out with more than silly candy if I am quiet and do not talk”

He noticed the SAFE Solutions sign out front & scoffed,

“That don’t scare me, I’ll get in and out, while they sleep all sound!”

Little did the scary burglar know,

Just up on the second floor,

That Dad was still awake sneaking some pumpkin bucket treats.

When quietly he received an alert to his phone, 

Something was happening at his front door!

He opened his app

And what he saw there, made his eyes go wide!

A strange spooky figure was trying to find his way in!

But luckily  Dad had entrusted SAFE Solutions,

That spooky burglar would never make his way inside!

Right from his phone, he ensured all doors and windows were armed!

And quickly sent an alert to police services waiting just down the road!

As the spooky burglar below tried and tried to get the front door disarmed,

The cop car pulled up and the spooky burglar knew it was over!

When he knew it was safe, Dad walked out of the house,

The spooky burglar looked up and asked,

“How did you catch me so quickly?”

Dad smiled and replied,

“All thanks to my app and my SAFE Solutions security system.”

“Our family can sleep safely, without worry of scares,

Or the likes of you!”


by: KE