SAFE Solutions - Weathering the Storm in Your Smart Home

Weathering the Storm in Your Smart Home

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March 11, 2020
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March 28, 2020

Texas weather is known for being unpredictable. It can go from calm and relaxed to nerve wracking storms in a matter of hours.

Our thunderstorms can bring flooding, downed trees, and even tornadoes to your neighborhood with little warning.

“Keeping You SAFE” is our motto and that comes with motivation to be prepared for all situations. Our smarter home security technology alerts you to danger & proactively protects your home when rain and storms strike.

Power Outages

Your home shouldn’t lose its security just because it loses power. Our security systems have up to 24-hour battery backup for weather emergencies, and a dedicated cellular connection that can still signal for help no matter if your power, phone line and broadband are out. Your home¬† could stay secure and connected to your professional monitoring station until your power comes back.

Tornadoes & Severe Weather

Systems installed by SAFE Solutions extend beyond the home security aspect to offer weather warning services. Our systems come equipped with innovative technology, including the severe weather alerts.

In the event a user isn’t tuned into TV or radio, or if their phone is on silent or not nearby, at the time the severe weather hits(including tornadoes, fires, tsunamis), they will receive alerts through their system’s panel. This affords valuable time to take proper precautions and get your family to safety.

Our systems generate real-time data from the National Weather service to deliver accurate and up to date signals.


We believe smart home technology should solve real problems and challenges. Our smart home security solutions are designed to keep you aware of what’s happening at your home and beyond.