Light It Up – Smart Lighting for Vacation Time
July 7, 2020

During the hot summer sun, your glorious in ground pool is a great source of fun. However, it comes with the need for extra vigilance to keep everyone safe.

With a home that includes a pool, it is important to set ground rules for its use. Making sure all family members understand the risks and importance of being safe in and around the pool.

But what about the littlest ones, or visiting kids? Or even wandering neighbor kids? Little ones notoriously live in their little rule defying worlds. Their curiosity and determination, combined with an unmonitored pool area, can equal a dangerous situation. We all hear the heartbreaking stories. We want to be a part of eliminating those altogether!

Smart home security can help with a combination of smart devices designed to keep you alert to all activity happening on your property in real time. Which is crucial when it comes to water being involved.

Smart Video Monitoring

With smart video cameras installed near the pool area, you will be able to visually check any activity in your backyard. Whether you want to set them up to be continuously monitoring the pool area or to alert you every time there is unexpected activity near it, they can make a great tool in being constantly aware of what is happening.

Alert-Generating Contact Sensors

Because contact sensors are wireless and easy to install, you can put them on almost anything that you want to keep tabs on. A contact sensor can alert you if someone opens the gate to your yard or pool area. Contact sensors are a component of our smart home security systems and come with your security panel. We can add them to your gate and back door, so no one enters the backyard without you knowing.

Motion Activated Smart Lighting

Motion activated smart lights as part of your smart security systems, offers a seamless connection to the other devices of your home, including the pool area.

This means that you can tie it to the cameras and back gate sensor, so when either are triggered, that light will automatically switch on. So if you are using your app to visually check the area, even at night you’ll get a clearly lit video to ensure everyone is safe.

So if you are looking for some home security that can also offer amazing safety features, let us be part of those SAFE Solutions! For your free consultation, contact us!