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March 20, 2020
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Refer Button Option

It can be a common joke to hear someone say they wish life had an “Easy Button.” We all have wished we had one for making life a little easier at some point. Well we can’t call it the ‘Easy Button,” but it can make you money! That’s right! The Refer Button is the newest feature to our website! With a click and some information, you could end up being paid $99!

Just simply follow the steps below to find out how to use our version of the “Easy Button!”

Locating the Button

As soon as you visit our website, you can find a blue Refer ButtonRefer Button Option  at the top of the page. It’s nice and blue, right next to our phone number(use that if you have any questions that this blog doesn’t answer!)

First Steps

The next 2 pages you will be prompted to put in the necessary information to get your referral sent to us. Simply follow the prompts and click submit at the bottom of the screen.

As far as steps, THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!

From there, your referral will receive an email to expect communication from us. Additionally we will receive the submission on our side to take the next steps to helping them out!

Will I know if they signed up for an account?


Once you submit your referral, you will be able to keep up with it in one of two ways:

  1. Refer Button will send you an email to set up a password with their site. At that point you can return to our site, use the button to go to your account, and there you will be able to see the status of any referrals you have sent us!

  1. Just watch for emails of the steps we have taken to get them signed as our client! You will receive emails once they are contacted, when they are signed and sold, or if they turned down our service.


What happens when they sign up for an account?

If your referral signs up with us as a client, you will receive an email letting you know your reward options! You will be able to choose being sent a $99 check in your name or you can choose to have a free month of service with us. If you choose the free month of service, your referral will get one too!

We really hope this new feature will encourage everyone we are currently helping to share us with others!

We are always here for you and DFW!

We look forward to #KeepingYouSAFE and #KeepingThemSAFE too!