SAFE Solutions - Things To Do While Hunkered Down At Home!

Things To Do While Hunkered Down At Home!

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March 28, 2020
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Whether you’ve always been a natural homebody or you’re having to learn to be one, being told to stay home 24/7 is not as easy as it sounds. Turns out, I thrived on getting out and having my routine of going to work while my kids went to school. I like to think of myself as a good mix of introvert and extrovert. Very friendly but need recharge time. Currently, however, I find my relationship with home to be a tad different. It has become the only place I am allowed to occupy. After being spoiled with endless choices of entertainment, this new relationship has some challenges.


In processing this and trying to cope with the new normal, I have reached out to check on loved ones and ask what they are doing with the time. One message was from a friend who told me she just spent the evening with wine and her husband organizing their pantry. Haha! The new Friday night fun, I suppose! I read it and the next thing I know I found myself standing in front of my kids’ craft closet. I see it piled with half finished projects, dried up markers and pens, knick knacks in disarray. About 45 minutes later, I stood in front of it and everything now had a place again. I even had a little area of projects to give them during this time we are stuck at home. Things I had forgotten were in there. With this little project done, I felt a level of contentment I hadn’t felt since this Covid-19 stuff started. 


That’s how my ‘Quarantine List’ started! I began thinking of all the projects that cross my mind and then never get any type of attention due to busy lives. So here is their time to shine!


I remember a little while back reading some information on the life of Shakespeare. Turns out, while he was quarantined during the plague, he produced King Lear. Some of his great work! While that is a level of ambition I am not really looking for right now, it is kind of inspiring in my pursuit to make this productive. To make it a time of accomplishment, to counteract the stress our situation can bring.


So I made a list to get through in all this. 

I share this in hopes it brings inspiration to others. Perhaps it can bring a little community into the isolation of all this. Just to know we are all accomplishing some things together. 

Now this list is made out of in the moment inspiration and ambition but realistically… I am full working lady and homeschooling mama right now. 

So in getting through it, I will be sure to give myself grace. I encourage you to be the same with your own lists!


My list:



  • Check on the houseplants!         


These leafy friends tend to get drive by waterings during normal, on-the-go life. So I plan to check their soil and see what they are in need of. Trim of the dead leaves or stems. Check that their pots are still the perfect home for them or see if they need replanted. Maybe give them some porch time out in the sun.

If you are a home with artificial leafy friends, this could be a good opportunity to give them the dusting they’ve been needing.



  • Go through my fridge & freezer


So my version of this is to pull everything out. Sanitize and clean the shelving and organize the good (and in date) items back into it. 



  • Cook some of those recipes I have been saving but haven’t made time to try out 


This is also a great way to use some of the things from the fridge or freezer that need to be used up soon! I get strangely satisfied when I shop my kitchen and use up things that have been there a bit. The child version of me, who was told to never waste food, gets pretty happy about it.



  • Clean and organize my kitchen cabinets


Do I really need all 20 of those coffee mugs? How many colanders does a girl need??



  • Bathroom cabinets


My bathroom cabinets are a place of great shame for me. Between bath toys, products tried, then stuffed there and forgotten, to bathroom appliances, they’re a mess. However since I can close the cabinet and forget it, it hardly ever gets dealt with. So here’s my chance!



  • Find tutorials and videos for something I’ve talked about learning


Currently for me that is yoga. I have wanted to try it for some time but always get busy and forget. Now during this time where stress relief is important, I have finally been making time for it. Turns out, it’s exactly what I needed in my life! 



  • Backyard Clean up


Since we are stuck home for the unforeseeable future and it’s warming up, this seems like a logical use of time! Time to clear out broken and unused kid stuff, deal with weeds and put out some bug treatment. I will also plan to clean up the outdoor chairs and furniture so we can start using them again!



  • Organize the game cabinet

I have young kids who like to get into this cabinet and play them. So I know it’s time to go through and check that everything still has it’s pieces, pass along anything we seem done with and be reminded of what all is in there, so we can use it to entertain ourselves during this time!



  • Bring out the spring house decorations


Now that everything is cleaned up and organized, we can bring out some fresh decorations to make it a nice space to be stuck in.


Now I know this list seems long, but the great thing is, it can be spread out! Plenty of time home, so I will be taking my time. If I get tired I can stop and pick up later! Again, giving yourself grace is so important during this time!


Want to share your  lists or accomplishments with us? I will be watching the Facebook page and possibly sharing some of my own. So we would love to see yours too! Let’s create our own quarantine brigade!


I wish you all safety, happiness and health. I also wish you luck on your list of endeavors! Hope to see your pics and lists soon on the SAFE Solutions Facebook page!