SAFE Solutions offers a suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses. Our commercial solutions give you peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your business is running smoothly — no matter where you are.

Efficiently manage the operation of your commercial properties.

  • Automatically secure properties on a set schedule
  • Manage multiple sites on one account
  • Issue temporary and time-limited access codes
  • Receive Daily/Weekly reports and Opening/Closing reports
  • Get instant information on the status of your business from anywhere

Business Energy Management

Commercial energy management services help reduce energy waste without sacrificing the operation of your business.

  • Automatically adjust thermostats and lights to save energy when the business is closed
  • Monitor energy usage to find cost-savings opportunities
  • Control liability risks with scheduled lights

Commercial-Grade Video

Secure-i, a commercial-grade video service, is a hosted service that adapts to the unique video requirements of a range of commercial applications, including multiple sites and installations with dozens of cameras. Offered as a standalone solution, Secure-i provides:

  • 24/7 cloud streaming and recording options to eliminate the need for additional hardware and enable access to live and recorded video clips from anywhere
  • A wide selection of high-end commercial grade cameras that provide redundant on-camera or local storage options for continuous HD recording