SAFE Solutions - Protect Your Vacation Home This Spring Break

Protect Your Vacation Home This Spring Break

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February 17, 2020
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We’re coming up on spring break season! It’s the perfect time to load up the family and head to that little spot you bought on the lake. Not too far away, but just enough away from all the usual ruckus of life, to give you room to breathe. You look forward to spending a whole week in “your happy place.” When you first get there, it’ll probably include fixing a thing or two that no one knew was broken, before you get to the relaxing part.

So how do you keep an eye on that getaway spot when you aren’t there? You’ve worked hard to own your own little paradise. So shouldn’t you make sure it’s protected even after you’ve gone back to the real world?

Looking for an affordable way to have it fully protected and be able to keep an eye on it all year long?

Equip you home-away-from-home with smart home security technology.

Here’s why you should book a consultation with SAFE Solutions before you leave to enjoy your visit(we serve all of DFW & surrounding cities, so we can definitely help with that lake house escape!)

It keeps an eye on the place

Perhaps your vacation home has a hired crew, such as a local resident or management company. While that can offer great benefits, they are likely not to find issues until after the damage is done. By the time they’ve discovered a break in or burst pipes, it’s too late.

By contrast, with smart home safeguards, you’ll be able to have around the clock watch on the place.

Additionally, you’ll have it monitored by the professional 24/7 monitoring station to assist in getting issues addressed quickly. Another note, they will have information on the local law enforcement for the area. That is an easy detail to not think of if you don’t live there full time.

You can check in anytime, anywhere

Our intuitive smart home security app makes checking on the home super easy.

A quick glance can show that all the windows and doors are secure,that the heat/air is operating by your preferences , and that the security system is armed. Of course, if anything needs adjusting, it can be done from right in the app, no matter how far away you are.

Have outside cameras or video doorbell? You can view the property to check that everything is in its place. Or enjoy the view from the front porch that you’ve been missing lately.

The convenience of access control

Smart Lock with Keypad

Do you rent out the property when you aren’t planning to use it? Maybe it’s listed as an AirBnB spot? With the convenience of smart locks, arranging their stays can be made easy.

With our smart locks, you can get rid of property keys and assign unique codes to each visitor. This allows them to easily enter the property when they arrive, without having to find a hidden key. While setting up their codes, you can set up an expiration date and time for the end of their stay. So their access to the property is limited to the agreed upon time. This secures the home further to only approved visiting.

Just as simply, your cleaning team can get in to ready the place for the next guest. Additionally, you can place smart locks on rooms or closets that you want to be restricted access from any guests staying on property. If those doors are messed with you will get an alert and be able to take action to protect your privacy. Sorry pal, that closet is the good pool floaties!

Want to get started?

As always, our free consultations are just a phone call away! Or you can schedule yourself right from our website using the interactive calendar!