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February 5, 2020
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February 17, 2020

What makes a SMART THERMOSTAT???

Is it…

  • Connection to the internet?
  • The ability to control it from a smart phone app?
  • The ability to learn your home’s temperature patterns?

At the very basic needs, these are all the right guidelines! We appreciate the knowledge that came before to lead us here!

What feature makes ours the NEW & IMPROVED choice? It’s the Smart Thermostat with Increasing Knowledge!! It is the smart thermostat that knows more about your house in a short amount of time than all of its predecessors! It is the thermostat that learns so well, you can set it and forget it!

This is where the stand alone thermostats fall short. Being able to gauge the temperature based only on the small space it’s installed in. Forgetting the rest of the house needs temperature control or is even there! Keeping you constantly adjusting to get all the rooms comfortable. That just isn’t good enough anymore! That is not smart enough!

That’s where our SMART THERMOSTAT  powered by excels!!

Connected to other devices and activity sensors linked to your SAFE Solutions system & Powered with intelligence it knows more & understands more so that it can DO MORE to save energy(aka lower energy bills!) & keep you comfortable everywhere in your home!

Here are FOUR ways to use it!

1: Save energy without trying

With information from around the entire home, our SMART THERMOSTAT can show you opportunities to save energy.($$$)

It can sync with your SAFE Solutions security system to automatically save energy when no one is home. It can also use Geo-Services to save while you’re at work and have the home comfortable by the time you walk through the door!

On extreme temperature days, it knows the outside temperature and can adjust on its own to save you money in energy bills.

Have a popular backyard? Minimize energy wasted when doors are left open with a thermostat that can auto adjust accordingly!



2: Enjoy room-by-room precision comfort

While most smart thermostats are limited by a one room view, a SAFE Solutions thermostat can read the temperature in different rooms with our wireless temperature sensors.

With this knowledge, it can heat or cool the house to deliver perfect comfort to any single room you choose. Tackle those hot spot rooms or drafty corners in the home. These sensors communicate with the thermostat to create custom comfort scheduled around your household’s routines. Enjoy a bedtime book in your cozy (and now warm) reading nook. Or ensure baby is getting the oh-so-important naps with the room set to the perfect temperature!



3: Control things without lifting a finger

With a voice assistant device(i.e. Amazon Echo Dot) connected to your SAFE Solutions system, your thermostat can respond to your voice command. Just “ask” to adjust to a specific temperature, or ask to turn the temperature 2 degrees up or down!






4: Protect your home from cold-weather catastrophes

Can a thermostat protect a home? With smart home security intelligence, it can.

In a Texas February(when things get pretty unpredictable), for example, water pipes can cause a catastrophe. A temperature threshold alert from generated by your thermostat & temperature sensors could alert you allowing for preventative measures to take place, averting a substantial clean up bill! Read more about how we can save you from burst water pipes here!


Want to upgrade your HVAC system with our smarter thermostat?

Getting an Smart Thermostat with temperature sensors, installed by SAFE Solutions is easy. JUST BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION HERE! And we can help you make the upgrade to a more comfortable home….and nicer electric bills!