Easy electric bill savings with a smart home, its more than just a thermostat

Is Your Home Smarter Than Expensive Electrics Bills?

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October 2, 2019
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October 11, 2019

Energy bills…ugh! An unfortunate part of adulting that shows up every month.

Have you ever experienced the face of horror upon opening your bill and seeing a number you did not expect to see there? Or worse, turning into our parents and always getting onto family members for not turning off a light when they leave a room or not unplugging something when it isn’t being used?

What if we told you, you could expect and even control what comes in that bill every month? What if we said you could control every electronic device and power switch in your home….from your phone or tablet?

Smart tablet showing how to control home devices

The Smart Thermostats are on the rise and huge news. They come with the ease of controlling from anywhere and offer a great way to save on an energy bill. Heating and cooling can count for about half of a home’s energy use. So a Smart Thermostat can put a sizeable dent in those energy bills but a fully integrated Smart Home will have even larger savings!

Today I want to introduce you to three more smart devices to add to your home and Alarm.com app! Smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart switches


With these three types of smart devices you can control everything from a hallway lamp, to the attic lights, to your gaming systems. Also any devices controlled with these smart options can have their usage monitored through the app! Even on stand by, many devices can still use a surprising amount of energy. So the ability to turn off the outlet or the bulb can be great ways to conserve energy in your home!

By hooking your home up with Smart Devices you can use your app to see usage, comparisons of usage between days, weeks, etc. You can even have those comparisons shown to you in kilowatt hours or in dollars.  You can also compare to other homes in your area to see how your home stacks up.

graph with energy usages comparisons


Using these resources, you can understand what your everyday usage looks like! Then you can begin your first round of setting energy goals using Alarm.com’s goal-setting feature!

energy budget setting graph from the app

After you have your goals set up, you can watch your app and track it against the reality of how much you are using. From there, you can adjust and tweak the usage in your home to get closer to achieving those goals! At last, your energy bills won’t stop arriving but now they will come without the shock value! Be sure to sign up for daily or weekly energy savings from Alarm.com too, for easy ways to check your home’s usage!

If we can answer further questions about any of these devices or the app, please reach out by messaging us here on the website. Our goal is always to show our families great ways we can help them be more in control of what is going on in their home, without adding to their work load! Getting to play with these new technologies and showing families ways they can make their lives easier is truly a great part of this industry!