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June 23, 2020
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July 1, 2020

So by now you’ve learned the benefits of a smart & secure home. We’ve told you the amazing benefits of being able to control it all from an app. That your app and smart system keeps you ahead of the game in an emergency.

What we haven’t explained here yet is the amazing benefits of Geo-Services!

Geo-Services is a feature in the app. It’s responsible for doing helpful things around your home when you’re leaving or on your way back.

Using the location of your smartphone, your Geo-Services can understand where you are and when you’re almost home or have left for the day. By simply setting up rules in your dashboard, your life gets a little easier and comfortable.

“Did I lock the front door when I left?” 

Do you ever get that feeling?

Leaving the house becomes such an automatic routine that it can be hard to remember all the steps you took. Typically it hits a few miles away, when turning around would be a huge pain. So you’re trying to convince yourself you’d never leave it unlocked, “You always lock it, why would you have missed it this time?” Unfortunately that one little part of your brain doesn’t want to accept the message, so you can’t decide to let it go or go home and check.

Well that’s a job for Geo-Services!


Empty House = Save on that energy bill!

Adjusting the thermostat when you leave the house is a great practice! House is empty, so save a little on that energy bill!

However, when you’re running behind or excited for your venture out of the house, it can be easy to forget!

A simple Geo-Services rule for your smart thermostat can be a permanent solution to your issue! When Geo-Services picks up that you’ve left the boundaries you set, your thermostat will set back on its own, creating automatic savings for you!

Escape that Texas heat!

It is hotter than a pepper sprout in Texas right now!

Which means having Geo-Services working for you means getting to escape the heat to a nice cool house! Geo-Services also works in reverse. When you left, it set the thermostat to the ‘no one home’ settings. Now that you’re coming back, it can get the house cooled down and even turn on the light for you!


When no one’s home, you want your smart cameras working for you. When you are home, you don’t need an alert every time your kiddos run through the living room.

With Geo-Services, you can set them to automatically pause camera recording schedules when you’re home. It’s a great way to conserve video clips and eliminate alerts that you don’t need. After all it’s not like the kids are running quietly…you already know exactly what they’re doing, you already told them to stop three times!

Want to make life easier?

Geo-Services is included with the majority of our SAFE Solutions packages, at no extra charge!

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