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November 25, 2019
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November 27, 2019

They call you Queen of Thanksgiving. When it comes to this holiday you are undeniably the

This is your hosting superbowl!

You spend the months before cleaning every inch of your house, planning the perfect menu and inviting your guests.

You invite family, friends and anyone who needs a place to belong that day. You are always happy to set another place and entertain one more hungry guest!

You clean and prep your home to create the perfect setting for the guests to enjoy!

The day before and morning of, you are nothing short of a professional chef(in your mind, anyways.) All food is prepped and ready to be cooked like a whole restaurant crew came to help.

As long as it is just you in the kitchen, you have it under control!

But then, the time comes, the doorbell starts to ring.

You have the turkey in the oven. Stuffing cooling on the counter. And your stove top is filled with sides cooking their way to perfection!

However, as your guests start to steadily arrive, you find yourself juggling between pro chef and butler!

Answering the door, directing traffic, greeting everyone and making them all feel welcome. You are attempting to go between kitchen and your guests to make sure everything is going without a flaw!

It’s check the oven here and take a coat there.

You are balancing as much as you can and just praying you can chat with Great Aunt Margaret without the mashed potatoes burning!

With how well the event is going, the last thing you want is any memory of burned food.

That’s where we can help!

With a simple little device, the 2GIG Stove and Grill Guard, we can put some ease into your hosting duties!

A great feature is being able to set up a notification rule for when the burner is turned on, until the time you specify. So as you’re talking to Uncle George, you can get a discreet notification, that allows you to pull the mashed potatoes off the burner at the perfect time! You have the ability to keep everything under control with the addition of this tiny device!

  • Watch this link ^^ to find out how easy they are to add to your stove!

Nothing is going to get in the way of your title! Not this year!

Want a free consultation to find out if this device would be a great addition to your system and kitchen, let us know here!