SAFE Solutions - Giving Tuesday with Coffee!

Giving Tuesday with Coffee!

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November 27, 2019
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December 6, 2019

On this ‘Giving Tuesday,’ I want to take this opportunity to highlight a way SAFE Solutions gives back, in hopes you want to join our efforts!

Here at SAFE Solutions, we run on DYB Coffee!

The Reason:

There are 1 BILLION children living in poverty. We know that with our own every day lives and happenings to handle, it is easy to know this and want to help but not always have the ability or know how.

Well MANNA Worldwide has given us a great way to make a BIG difference with just a small change! This idea comes in the form of DYB Coffee!

This coffee comes freshly roasted right to your mailbox(you will smell it from your driveway and know you made the right choice..mmmmm.) It is delicious and delightfully caffeinated! You even get to choose whole bean or ground to accommodate your brewing preferences!

The best part? 2 bags of coffee purchased will feed a child in an impoverished area of the world for an entire week!

*So you get to start your day with freshly roasted delicious coffee & help a child at the same time! It’s a win – win!*

So on this ‘Giving Tuesday,’ consider helping us help others by ordering DYB Coffee here:

It will become your favorite coffee and it will do some good!

Read more about ways we give back and ways you can help here: