SAFE Solutions - 5 Fun At Home Activities For Kids!

5 Fun At Home Activities For Kids!

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April 18, 2020
Staying Connected
May 2, 2020

So here we are on day, like what, 732, of quarantine?

The kids are stuck home, while you’re trying to work and keep it all sane. Am I right?

Perhaps you have been doing fun stuff all along. Perhaps you are just doing your best to keep the tiny humans alive(totally commendable and okay.) Just trucking through until you can get out again!

Well, wherever you fall between those, I wanted to share just a few easy activities to do with kids. They take minimal effort and they’re mostly free(yay!)


So this one takes a little effort but it is pretty easy, luckily! All you do is pick a day, or weekend and ask your neighbors to participate. The object is for everyone to place any stuffed animal outside. Then families can go for a walk (or drive) around the neighborhood and see how many animals they can find!

*Make it even more fun by printing up animal bingo cards to make it into a game!

Here are 2 flyers free for you to use. Just fill in your time and neighborhood and distribute to houses around you! (prefer having the file? Just message the SAFE Solutions Facebook page with your email address!)


I know letting kids use the internet to talk to people can be a little scary. I suggest reaching out to some of their already known friends and parents you trust. There are a few online meeting spots, and they can typically be set up with restrictions. The host allows people in as they see fit and can kick out for any reason. Zoom requires a password, the host has power to mute, allow in and kick out. It’s a great way to see all the faces they miss and feel a little less isolated!


I think at this point we are all so weary from the demands of online schooling. My kids started with great momentum. Now, it takes a lot of patience and occasionally bribery(I have no shame in bribing, haha) to keep them going.

So since we are starting to get some lovely spring weather, take that laptop, grab a blanket and go outside! Let your kiddos pick their perfect spot(it’ll make them more excited to stay put there.) Hook them up with some munchies and a drink and enjoy the change of environment!

Fresh air and sunshine can improve any mood!


Need to keep them reading? I asked my local Facebook Mom Groups for some help in locating them, but you can probably ask your local marketplace pages or your neighborhood discussion page. But in our area there ended up being a few little libraries people had set up.

We like to grab a few of our books that we have finished reading and go exchange with the little libraries for something fresh. The activity of going and finding the libraries is pretty fun for my kids. It is a different enough idea to make it exciting. Plus they love deciding what to exchange their books for! All the little libraries we have found are usually made to look super cute and have books for all ages, since people bring what they have to exchange.


Are they even really living their childhood, if there hasn’t been at least one living room fort? So take the opportunity! Pick up some clamps, clips, clothespins or whatever you can find to secure everything. Grab all the blankets(and maybe those big beach towels?) and head to the living room! Now from here I assume the grown ups have plenty of their own fort building experience to pass on. Let the imaginations run wild! Once it’s complete, get the good snacks and have a living room camping night!

I hope this list inspires some fun or even inspires your own list of fun! Decided to do any of them? We wanna see! Leave us a pic of your fun on the SAFE Solutions Facebook page!