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November 12, 2019
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The time is coming…

You know the weekend. The one where you wake up with that rare spark of motivation and decide THIS IS THE WEEKEND! This weekend is when Christmas, with all it’s lights and decorations starts! You are ready to tap into your inner Griswold and make it a holiday home to remember! You get the decorations out of storage and get all of the lights untangled. Bring in the biggest, sap filled tree you can find! You spend two days (okay 4. but we won’t tell anyone if you want to say 2), getting everything strung up just right. Soon your home is a cozy Christmas escape to enjoy!

The best part? That’s the end of the decoration hassle! You were smart and had SAFE Solutions out to install a few things to make it easy to set the holiday mood! Now with just a couple of easy steps, you are all set to enjoy a season of Christmas movies, family and cocoa!

Here are a few ways to keep the holidays about the fun!

Make your Christmas Tree a Smart Tree!

No more crawling behind the tree and squishing the branches. Let those perfectly placed ornaments stay in their spot by plugging your tree into a Smart Outlet! This gives you the ability to turn the tree to with a tap on your smartphone!

See this video for an example of how easy it is to use!

Schedule the Sparkles!

Once you have put in all the work of hanging the outdoor lights, let take it from there! Easily set the lights to come to life with the sunset and turn off at sunrise!


Heat the Halls!

Skip having to get out from under your cozy blanket! With the Smart thermostat, you can enjoy a warm cozy home without having to leave your perfect spot!

  • Additional helpful holiday time features of the thermostat, they can help with holiday travel and party guests! Dashing through the snow to visit relatives for the holiday? You can override the thermostat’s typical schedule and set it to “away mode” for a little savings(which we can all use a little of that during the holidays!)  Or if you’re hosting the house guests, get an instant alert if someone has fiddled with the usual temperature. Giving you the ability to discreetly change it back while smiling through dinner! Sorry inlaws!

Thirsty Tree Detector!

Decided to go traditional and enjoy the scent of a real tree this year?

Avoid a catastrophe when Snots drinks all the water from the tree stand!

While it is designed for early flood detection, with a little creative placement, the smart water sensor can be a useful tool for keeping a healthy tree! Simply place a water sensor in your tree stand’s tray. Then, plug the lights into the smart plug. Create a rule with your app so that when the water sensor reads “dry,” your tree lights will automatically switch themselves off until you can address the water level!

Sounds of the Season!

Are you positively jolly about holiday music? Want to be greeted when you arrive home by jingle bells and dashing reindeer?

Well with a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home or Siri connected to your ADC app, you can layer music into the magic as well! 

Additionally, if you want to turn your home’s Christmas scene on hands free, just say the command! “Alexa, ask to set my Christmas Scene.” Followed, ” Alexa,turn on my Christmas station.”  And *GingerSnap*! Just like that, you are enjoying a cozy Christmas evening without even lifting a finger! Well except to grab another Christmas cookie!


With these steps and our array of devices designed to make your life simpler, your holidays can be spent roasting chestnuts on an open fire and relaxing! ( also ask us about our fire detection devices in case the roasted chestnuts don’t go as expected!)

Make it even easier by setting up your Christmas scene in the app! Find easy instructions here!

Already enjoying a holly jolly Christmas with a SAFE Solutions system? Spread the cheer and pass on the magic to a friend!!


By: KE