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May 2, 2020
Baby Fever? Start With SAFE Solutions!
May 24, 2020

NOW HIRING: Small organization seeks senior-level manager for enthusiastic, growing team. Successful candidate will be an energetic, upbeat, highly organized expert in logistics, planning, delegation, multitasking, social networking, problem-solving and managing underperforming team members. Strong analytical and budgeting skills are a must. Salary: No (but you can also keep your day job).

Each week moms spend endless hours organizing, coaching and managing kiddos through all of their life’s activities, milestones, and adventures trying to steer them to a successful and independent life.

It’s demanding, skilled and underappreciated work. It means being a coach—organizing, transporting, directing and encouraging—and also a protector, ensuring that kids are safe, well and thriving. Even without a full-time job outside of the home, that’s a lot to manage.

What if you could gift the mom in your life the technology to manage it all a little easier?

1: Smart home security helps moms at work


Workdays start better with a SAFE Solutions system, which makes getting out of the house easier with a one touch scene lock up, backed up by smartphone reminders for the busiest days.

At work, your system helps moms manage important events at home like doorstep deliveries, while live video feeds offer to check in on kids at home. When schedules change in the summer, the system makes it easier to keep up.

2: Smart home security helps moms at home

With kids, the hustle doesn’t stop when the workday is over. SAFE Solutions is there to help with family-friendly features that safeguard kids while moms multitask.

Unexpected activity alerts can generate proactive warnings if contact sensors in out-of-the way areas are opened at odd times, alerting you if kids get into off-limits areas. Video cameras inside and outside the house make it easy to keep an eye on older kids from the home office or living room.

3: Smart home security helps moms relax

Do your kids still nap?  With our doorbell camera and a smart thermostat with remote smart temperature sensors, Mom can enjoy some peace while her kids are napping undisturbed.

Away from home, meanwhile, a smart system brings added peace of mind on a family weekend away, or a date night for two.

Want a smarter home, powered by

A smart home security system benefits moms, dads and the whole family. Interested in making Mom’s life and the whole family’s life easier? Contact us for you free consultation. Let us show you how we can transform your home into one big Easy Button!