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Gun ownership is both a great right and a great responsibility. Whether your ownership is for sport, such as hunting or if it’s for protection, one thing remains important in ownership and that is SAFETY!

We all hear the stories and know how fast the possession of a gun can turn into a tragedy.

We can’t offer to make the tragedies stop altogether but we can bring peace of mind in knowing we can help prevent them in your home!

SAFE Solutions Security Systems expand beyond your normal security products. Our unique products allow us to offer additional protections, like gun safety devices.


The Gun Motion Detector

This small detector offers big advantages in preventative action. This device hooks onto the gun and acts as a trigger lock, rendering the gun inoperable as long as it is in place. To remove it, the 3-digit combination must be used. So only the owner can remove the lock and operate the gun.

Additionally, it acts a motion sensor. If the lock is engaged on the gun, then anytime the gun is moved, it will trigger a notification to be sent to your security panel and can send one to your phone or smart watch, as well.

These locks have a wireless signal and have a 5 year battery life.

These detectors are perfect for any guns you keep outside of a cabinet or locked space.


Drawer and cabinet door sensors

These small wireless sensors can be placed on any door or drawer to provide an alert when they are opened. By installing the sensors, you will be notified each time those spots are opened. This allows you to know if they are being opened at a time they generally wouldn’t be accessed.


Motion Sensors, Cameras, Image Sensors

Placing a motion sensor in the room where your guns are stored adds another facet of safety. If any movement is detected in the room, you will know about it.

Adding a camera means the motion sensor can trigger a video clip to know who is in the room.

Installing an image sensor (motion sensor and camera in one device) can also capture a clip of the room to allow you to see what is going on.

With these devices you can also set up a series of events to occur:

Someone enters the room – triggers the motion, which you can have set to trigger both the camera and lights. So while you are receiving notification of someone entering the room, you are also able to get a good clip of who it is and what is happening upon their entering.

We know owning guns is important to a lot of Texans and with recent events we can see why! So let us make gun ownership less worrisome. Let us give you the tools to prevent any accidents before the problem can even happen! Making ownership easier and SAFER!

We would love to schedule a free on-site consultation to answer any questions and find out which devices are just right for your home!

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We are here and we always want to be the ones #KeepingYouSAFE!