Five Questions - Five Questions For Mike Reed
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September 23, 2019
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September 27, 2019

On Wednesdays…we give information! What? Did you think I was going to say wear pink? No ‘mean girls’ here just a day dedicated to giving you information about our products, company and new updates pertaining to all things Security and Smart Home! So to quote Julie Andrews ” Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start.” I feel like we are on a roll with the movie references today…

So if you are here, you may already know that at the heart of the SAFE Solutions operations is owner Mike Reed. If you have met him, you are likely not to forget him. However, I feel the first informational blog should most definitely be some words from him! So we decided to ask him some questions about this business and why it means so much to him.


1.Why do you choose to keep doing this career?

  • “Every day we get to work with home and business owners, helping them protect what matters most, while getting to play with the newest technology! It’s a WIN-WIN!

2.What is it about this job that you enjoy the absolute most?

  • “The feeling of accomplishment when leaving a job, knowing we are leaving our clients with a professional system and peace of mind.”

3.What do you hope your customers take away from their interactions with you?

  • “That we value them, not as a customer number or profit goal, but as part of our obligation to family and service. We hope that every client we are blessed to serve, knows that we are here to help if they ever need us. We want them to honestly say they would recommend us to their friends and family.”

4.What do you insist on in the employees that represent your company?

  • “A great attitude and a big heart. We can teach technical skills, how to use tools and train on the newest technologies….but having the right personality is paramount to our success with clients and vendors.”

5.When you aren’t out there ‘Keeping DFW SAFE,’ what do you enjoy doing?

  • “I love to go fishing, hunting, family game night, and more. Most of all would be spending time with my family over a great meal and letting life slow down just enough to enjoy the time we’re given!”

We hope that in these questions you see that at the heart of SAFE Solutions, is a guy with a big heart of his own and a big love for what he does! With so many options and so many solutions on the market today, the most basic question is will I get out of my service, the money I put into it? Knowing we have a guy completely dedicated to making your family feel safe and making sure you feel like part of a family with us, I think that makes the answer pretty clear!